Tribrach and Adapter

Tribrach and adapter

We can supply tribrach and adapter in different specifications, below are some basic models that we supply.

Tribrach AJ13
Tribrach AJ13(D1)
Tritrach AJ13(B4)
Tritrach AJ13(C2)
Tritrach AJ13(C3)
Tribrach AJ13(D5)
Tritrach AJ13(D6)
Tribrach AJ13(D4)
Adapter AL13(F)
Adapter AL13-6
Adapter AL13 (B)
Adapter AL13 (D)
Adapter AL13 (E)
Tribrach+Adapter 01
Tribrach+Adapter 02
Tribrach+adapter 03
Tribrach+adapter 04
Tribrach with high bracket
Adapter overlooking(black)
Adapter overlooking(yellow)